ZionEvangelical     The Evangelical United Brethren church began in the area in 1860, when religious services were conducted in homes in Iron Creek, a few miles east of Menomonie, and in town. In 1863 an Evangelical church was built in Iron Creek. The Iron Creek pastors led religious services in Menomonie homes until a church, the Zion Church of the Evangelical Association of North America, was built in 1876.

After a Menomonie public school was built in 1864, the Methodists and Congregationalists continued to share the new school for services until 1866, when the Methodists built a small church at Fourth Avenue and Second Street West. The two denominations shared the new church until the Congregationalists built their own church in 1870.

In 1877, the Methodists moved their church on a horse-drawn sled to the corner of Wilson Avenue and 6th Street. The Methodists would remain on this corner until 1979, 102 years.


1860 to 1866