FirstEvanChurch1945     In 1949 and 1950, the Methodist Church was remodeled again, and became Trinity Methodist Church. In 1956, the Cedar Falls Methodist Church joined Trinity.

In 1965, Trinity Methodist Church needed more room for its Sunday School classes, so it bought a residence at the end of the block and called it Trinity House.

In 1966, the First Church Evangelical United Brethren celebrated its 90th anniversary.

But a major change for both churches was coming. The national Methodist Church and the national Evangelical United Brethren church were discussing merger. The local Evangelical United Brethren church was across the street from the Methodist church. The two local churches discussed their own merger and in 1966 began alternating joint services in the two buildings.

The two churches merged in 1967, nine months before the national merger was officially completed in 1968.

After the merger, worship services were conducted in the former E.U.B. church, now called the United Methodist Church, with the former Trinity Methodist Church and Trinity House being used for Sunday School classes and offices.

1949 to 1967